2011: the year French DTT channels broke even

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 28-11-2012

Analysing the financial round-up of French terrestrial channels in its annual study, regulatory body CSA highlights that 2011 was the year new DTT channels broke even.
The detailed financial analysis of 16 FTA channels shows the steady growth of the new nine DTT private channels whose cumulated revenues reached €535.2 million in 2011, up 19% (€84 million) compared to 2010. The average revenue was €59 million.
The revenues of BFM TV, Gulli, NT1, i-Télé, Direct 8 and NRJ 12 fell between €40 million and €90 million, whereas TMC and W9 revenues were up €90million. For the first time, the bulk of these channels achieved a positive net result, of €4.6 million on average. Cumulated ad revenues rose €77 million in 2011, representing 93% of the channels' global resources.
Over 2011, the revenues of the 16 FTA channels studied reached €5.673 billion, stable compared to 2010.