Vikings coach Leslie Frazier not happy Adrian Peterson missed bus Sunday

By Josh Katzowitz | Blogger

November 27, 2012 3:59 pm ET
AP missed the team bus Sunday.(US Presswire)
On Sunday morning, the Twitterverse exploded when the NFL Network reported that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson missed the team bus. Why? How? What happened? Eventually, word was released that Peterson found his way to the stadium via a cab, and all was well, as he gained 108 yards on 18 carries.
So, everything is cool, right? Um, maybe not.
"Anytime one of your leaders is not where he's supposed to be, it's not good," coach Leslie Frazier said, via ESPN 1500. "I talk to our team all the time about being where you're supposed to be and being where you're supposed to be on time. So, it's a big deal."
Neither Frazier nor Peterson divulged the reason why Peterson missed the team bus in the first place, but players are supposed to be in the Vikings' locker room two hours before the game starts. For the 1 p.m. ET game on Sunday, one reporter saw Peterson hop into a cab outside the team hotel at 11 a.m.
“It wasn't a big deal,” Peterson said. “I came out and played.”
It might not be a huge deal now, especially since this seems to be Peterson's first offense. But if it happens again, you can be sure Frazier will see fit to punish Peterson in some way. Even though Peterson is the team's biggest star, it doesn't look good if he violates a team rule more than once.
Especially when everybody on Twitter gets to talk about it mid-violation.
"We've talked," Frazier said. "[It] has not been something that's come up in the past. But we definitely have talked. ... The conversation itself -- I'll have to keep it between he and I. But we have talked about it and, hopefully, it'll never happen again. Can't see why it would. Hopefully, it never happens again."