Film Four & Film Four +1: 29-11-2012.

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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00Bal[HD]A six-year-old boy in a Turkish village has trouble reading and speaks with a stutter, making him isolated from his classmates. He is devoted to his beekeeper father, but when a tragedy separates them, he becomes ever more withdrawn, to the concern of his mother. Drama, starring Bora Altas and Erdal Besikcioglu. In TurkishFilm/General Movie/Drama

13:05The Cross of Lorraine[SUB BW]French soldiers promised their freedom if they surrender in the early days of the German occupation are instead sent to a brutal prison camp. While some collaborate with their captors, one refuses to give up, inspiring the others to continue the fight. Second World War drama, starring Gene Kelly, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Cedric Hardwicke, Peter Lorre and Hume CronynFilm/General Movie/Drama/War

14:55Sabrina[SUB AD BW HD]A chauffeur's daughter falls for her father's playboy employer, but when he rejects her she flees to Paris. On her return, however, he is smitten by the alluring woman she has become - even though he is about to be married. To ensure the wedding takes place, his older brother decides to woo the beauty himself. Comedy, starring Audrey Hepburn, William Holden, Humphrey Bogart and Walter HampdenFilm/Comedy

17:15Dr Dolittle[SUB HD]A doctor is stunned to discover he can talk to animals, and it is not long before his home and surgery are taken over by an assortment of ailing creatures in need of help. However, when the medic's odd behaviour attracts his colleagues' attention, he is forced to rely on his new-found furry friends to save him from the asylum. Comedy, starring Eddie Murphy, Ossie Davis and Oliver PlattFilm/Comedy

18:55Star Trek: Insurrection[SUB AD HD]Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew uncover a conspiracy by their own superiors and a sinister alien race to take over a peaceful world and exploit its power to prolong life. However, the crew is forced to defy Federation orders and turns renegade to protect the planet's inhabitants. Sci-fi adventure sequel, starring Patrick Stewart, F Murray Abraham, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner and Michael DornFilm/Science Fiction

21:00Hitman[SUB AD HD]A genetically engineered assassin, who exists at the beck and call of a mysterious organisation, fails in his latest mission, and becomes a target himself, as security forces worldwide become aware of his existence and a rival agent is assigned to tie up loose ends. Action thriller, starring Timothy Olyphant, Dougray Scott and Olga KurylenkoFilm/Detective/Thriller

22:50Sightseers ExclusiveA chance to see a clip from Ben Wheatley's latest release SightseersFilm/Cinema

22:55Kill List[SUB HD]A hitman with money worries is persuaded by his old partner to take on one last job. The duo's mysterious client presents them with a list of three targets, but as they go about their deadly work, they start to realise there is something far more disturbing going on than a simple act of murder. Thriller, with Neil Maskell, Michael Smiley and Myanna BuringFilm/Detective/Thriller

00:45Ben Wheatley on Kill List[SUB]The director discusses his thriller about two hitmen taking on a mysterious assignmentFilm/Cinema

00:55Don't Look Now[SUB HD]A couple trying to get over the death of their daughter take a trip to Venice, where they are shocked by a psychic's claim that the child is trying to contact them. Although the wife believes her story, the husband remains sceptical - until he begins to be troubled by spectral visions of his own. Nicholas Roeg's supernatural thriller based on Daphne du Maurier's short story, with Donald Sutherland and Julie ChristieFilm/Detective/Thriller