Channel 4, Capablue prove second screen ad proof of concept

Editor | 29-11-2012

TV Everywhere monetisation specialist Capablue has entered into a partnership with Channel 4 to create a proof of concept that explores the potential of future advertising formats.
With the UK’s fourth leading broadcaster, which has enjoyed a very successful 2012 in terms of digital products, Capablue has been working on a second screen interactive advertising application with a more sophisticated and less intrusive way of showing ads and interacting with viewers.
While a viewer is watching Channel 4 on linear TV whilst also having a second screen companion app open, when the channel goes to a commercial break, an overlay appears on the app as a result of a corresponding advert. The viewer can then choose to engage and interact with this overlay which will launch to full screen. Once the engagement is complete, the viewer remains within the original second screen application.
Watermarking technology within Capablue’s cloud-based Connected framework was used to synchronise with linear broadcast in order to ensure the two connected devices are synchronised no matter when the programme is viewed. This also took into account +1 channels — such as Channel 4+1, E4+1, etc — as well as time shift, PVRs, etc. It also created and developed the user experience and design elements for the entire project to extend the Channel 4 corporate and channel brands to tablets and smartphones.
“Second screens are set to play a huge part in the future of broadcast advertising because they can be used to create a deeper engagement between content and viewers,” explained Capablue CEO Tom Cape. “We have been working very closely with Channel 4 to create a proof of concept that does just that. It encourages the viewer to interact with a brand by delivering a much more sophisticated advertising experience that pushes content straight to the consumer in a non-intrusive way. It’s exciting to see such a future-thinking project like this come together and to play such a big part in it. This is truly a ‘first’ for second screen innovation.”
“It’s important for us as a broadcaster today to think about how we engage with our viewers across all screens. In the connected world we need to create the best TV experiences for them no matter where they are. By doing this it also enables our advertisers to engage with those viewers in a more targeted and interactive way. Capablue understands this and has created a proof of concept that works for us, our advertisers and most importantly our viewers. It’s clear … that this kind of solution is what the advertising and media industries are after,” added Carl Read, digital leader at Channel 4.