OKI, HTB begin IPTV video distribution experiment

Editor | 29-11-2012

Japan's leading telecoms CE manufacturer OKI Electric has entered into a partnership with Hokkaido Television Broadcasting (HTB) to develop a video distribution system that complies with the ITU-T IPTV standard.
The new OKI MediaServer will see use distributing IPTV content to organisations in various countries interconnected by JGN-X, the test bed environment for research and development that the Japanese Government believes will realise and broaden new generation network technologies to meet future ICT demands.
OKI and HTB say they have launched the ITU IPTV IPv6 global test bed project to promote the diffusion of the ITU-T IPTV standards and to establish an environment for service verification by service providers planning to adopt the IPTV Standard.
The ITU IPTV IPv6 global test bed for content distribution was created by HTB based on the LIME standard specification and is primarily used to verify whether a network offers adequate bandwidth and quality (delay, loss) suitable for IPTV video distribution, and functions allowing the collaborative linking of videos, still images, text, and applications in content created based on LIME standard specifications. The content produced by participants for such verification will be registered on the OKI MediaServer.
The partnersí plans call for the eventual expansion of the network to approximately ten countries by the end of March 2015, based on requests from overseas service providers considering adopting the IPTV Standard.