Clapfeeder starts social VOD service

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 29-11-2012

Founded and headed by Christophe Ebro, the newly-launched French VOD service Clapfeeder has built its model on social VOD, with user recommendations playing a key role.
Users of the service are given the opportunity to recommend a movie on the new platform and share information on both the Clapfeeder ( website and social networks.
Users sharing comments on a movie are called 'clapeurs' and their comments are 'claps'. When internauts are buying a VOD through a 'clap', the 'clapeur' wins a 10% discount on future purchases.
The new service identifies internauts' tastes and favourite genres, makes suggestions and promotes relationships between members.
Through the Internet, viewers are able to get DVD or HD quality streaming, and watch movies either on PC, Mac, mobile, tablet devices or connected TV sets. Agreements have been signed with Samsung and LG. Movies can also be started on one device and finished on another.
Movies are accessible in both French and original version and prices range from 2.99 to 5.99 for a VOD rental, or 7.99 to 16.99 for a purchase.
Clapfeeder has already signed deals, primarily with Warner, SND (M6) and Bac Films. The library currently offers a line-up of 200 movies, but 2,000 others have been secured.
The service model is also partly based on advertising, with brand contents being broadcast at the beginning of a video. However, short programmes have to be accepted by viewers, and those saying 'yes' can earn 10% to 20% credits for their next VOD session.
Clapfeeder aims to reach 200,000 subs over the four next years and break even in 2014.