Astra plans 4K and iPad for HD+

November 29, 2012 11.40 Europe/London By Robert Briel

SES Astra is planning to launch live streaming to iPad for its German HD+ service. The satellite operator has also announced the launch of a 4K demo channel in 2013.
With 4K sets in the shops before this Christmas, SES is keen to bring a 4K content showcase channel on air as soon as next year, according to Wolfgang Els??er, managing director of Astra Deutschland, talking to the German Infosat magazine.
“Weare planning to make 4K widely available in 2013,” he said, “4K is extremely rich with details, with a sharp contrast and due to its high resolution almost offers a 3D experience.”
The operator will also bring live streaming television to the iPad, as well as to other devices, as part of its innovative Sat-IP solution, which brings multiscreen television with a single dish to the home.
Els??er said that such a streaming service will be part of the HD+ service, which offers German households a number of HD channels via satellite. The encrypted service is free for the first 12 months, after which a yearly service fee of EUR50 is payable.