French and Dutch artists call for internet tax

November 30, 2012 09.36 Europe/London By Robert Briel

MEP Marietje Schaake (picture: Bram Belloni)

Dutch and French organisations representing consumers and ‘creators’ have launched the 3©-DA – Consumers and Creators for Creation in the Digital Age platform.

The organisations have put forward a joint vision for “fair remuneration of digital content.” They are arguing for the introduction of an internet tax, to be levied by the ISPs.

In their own words: “the introduction of a right to non-for-profit sharing (i.e. non-commercial up- and downloading) granted to individuals, provided that a contribution is paid by consumers.”

In addition, the proposal encompasses the introduction of a compulsory collective rights management for on-demand streaming services and P2P sites that facilitate use, “to ensure a fair compensation of the creative industry.”

The launch of this initiative “aims to bring a common answer likely to satisfy all interests at stake.”

The organisers say current initiatives, such as Hadopi in France and the recently buried ACTA proposal “whose efficiency is clearly questionable as far as artists’ remuneration is concerned – are only likely to widen the existing gap between the artists and their audience.”

“We need new business models in the online world. Rather than sticking with rigid enforcement of copyrights, we need innovative solutions,” said ALDE MEP Marietje Schaake, in a statement, “Such a grass-roots initiative helps start the political discussion on how relevant and timely intellectual property rights and copyright laws should be shaped in the digital era.”