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Thread: AES week42 not working with camd3.880i

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    AES week42 not working with camd3.880i


    what is the problem with the camd3 Keys? I have very often freezers.
    I use the keys for week 42 and the key today (16.10.) works from 8:03 until 9:04
    the key from 9:04 ist in my keys, but doesn ´t work
    I use Gemini 2.80 and camd3.880i.

    When i use the satankeybundle its the same.

    thanks for help

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    Re: AES week42 not working with camd3.880i


    I don"t know if it is the same problem but sometimes my dream seems to freeze more often so I restart it and there is no more a problem

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