Film Four & Film Four +1: 02-12-2012.

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FilmFour TV listings guide Today.

11:00The Nativity Story[SUB HD]A woman is visited by an angel and told she is to give birth to the son of God. While pregnant, she is forced to accompany her husband on an arduous journey to his birthplace, where King Herod knows of the prediction and fears the birth of the child - and will go to any lengths to prevent it. Biblical drama, with Keisha Castle-Hughes, Oscar Isaac and Ciaran HindsFilm/General Movie/Drama

12:55David Fincher Interview SpecialThe director talks about the making of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, his collaboration with Brad PittFilm/Cinema

13:00Star Trek: Insurrection[SUB AD HD]Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew uncover a conspiracy by their own superiors and a sinister alien race to take over a peaceful world and exploit its power to prolong life. However, the crew is forced to defy Federation orders and turns renegade to protect the planet's inhabitants. Sci-fi adventure sequel, starring Patrick Stewart, F Murray Abraham, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner and Michael DornFilm/Science Fiction

15:05The Muppet Christmas Carol[SUB AD HD]An embittered Victorian miser hates the festive season and people in general, but on Christmas Eve, the ghosts of his former business partners the Marley brothers visit him in the night. They warn him three spirits are coming to make him change his ways by showing him visions of the past, the present and what the future may hold. Comedy, with Michael Caine and Steven Mackintosh alongside the puppet charactersFilm/Comedy/Cartoons/Puppets

16:45Rooster Cogburn[SUB HD]The former marshal returns to duty to track down outlaws who have stolen a shipment of explosives and gone on the rampage in a quiet town. However, the stubborn daughter of a preacher killed by the bandits insists on joining him so she can avenge her father's death. Western, starring John Wayne reprising his role from the original 1969 version of True Grit, with Katharine Hepburn and Anthony ZerbeFilm/Western

18:55The Phantom[SUB HD]A jungle-dwelling masked adventurer leaves his African home for New York in a bid to stop the power-crazed schemes of an evil industrialist. The tycoon is on the hunt for three legendary magical skulls, which can be combined to form the ultimate weapon. Superhero adventure, starring Billy Zane, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Treat Williams and Patrick McGoohanFilm/Adventure

20:50Seven Psychopaths Interview SpecialIn Bruges director Martin McDonagh and Colin Farrell discuss working together again on the new crime comedyFilm/Cinema

21:00The Taking of Pelham 123[SUB HD]Criminals take a crowded New York subway train hostage and threaten to start shooting the passengers unless a $10million ransom is paid in one hour. However, the transport supervisor they issue their demands to begins to suspect the hijacking is part of an even grander scheme. Tony Scott's thriller remake, with Denzel Washington and John TravoltaFilm/Detective/Thriller

23:10Pushing Tin[SUB]A fastidious air-traffic controller thrives on his high-pressure working environment and applies the same no-room-for-error approach to his personal life. However, his status as the best in the business is threatened by a laid-back new arrival and his wife, sparking adulterous passion and a deadly showdown. Comedy drama, starring John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, Angelina Jolie and Cate BlanchettFilm/Comedy/General Movie/Drama

01:35Mischief Night[SUB HD]A racially divided Leeds housing estate prepares for Mischief Night, an annual event where mayhem and anarchy are tolerated. In the middle of the chaos, a 12-year-old white girl ventures into an Asian neighbourhood in search of her father, whom her mother had falsely claimed was dead. She is aided on her journey by Asif, the younger brother of her mother's ex-boyfriend - unexpectedly bringing both their families together. Comedy drama, starring Kelli Hollis and Ramon TikaramFilm/Comedy

03:25Seven Psychopaths Interview SpecialIn Bruges director Martin McDonagh and Colin Farrell discuss working together again on the new crime comedyFilm/Cinema