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Thread: Xsat410: Firmware + k3

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    Xsat410: Firmware + k3


    I'd like to use a K3 card in a Xsat410 in order to wacht cabo, and D+ Nagra2.

    Does K3 work with a firmware @MG, if so, what firm version should i use? or should i use a Nagra Officiel Firmware for Xsat ?

    J'aimerai utiliser une carte k3 dans un Xsat 410 pour regarder cabo, et D+ en Nagra 2.
    Est-ce que la K3 fonctionne avec un firmware @MG, si oui lequel? ou dois-je utiliser un firmware officiel Nagra pour Xsat?

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    Re: Xsat410: Firmware + k3

    Well, the only thing that you can watch with the k3 is tps and c+nl, all the rest is down !
    When the nagra2 files were working with k3, they worked with goldbox, x-cam, t-rex (only d+) and diablo cam !

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    Re: Xsat410: Firmware + k3

    Thx for the response.
    So my xsat will remain in my cabed or into my satelite musium...

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