MundoFox imports 'La Mariposa' from Latin America

Gabriel Miramar-Garcia | 04-12-2012

MundoFox, the newly launched US Spanish language broadcast network from News Corp., has announced its newest original series: La Mariposa (The Butterfly), set to air Monday through Friday at 9 p.m. Eastern.

La Mariposa will reach US viewers for the first time after a successful run in Latin America, where it became a hit with audiences and critics alike. The series is based on an original story by investigative reporter Gerardo Reyes about the life of an attractive and intelligent woman notorious for being one of the most wanted international fugitives pursued by the United States government. That would be Alicia Benitez, better known as La Mariposa, a woman in charge of a money-laundering ring created to support the drug trafficking trade between the United States and Colombia. Alicia Benitez is played by Maria Adelaida Puerta, also known for her role as La Perrys in El Capo.

Manuel Martinez, played by Latin heartthrob, Michel Brown, is an agent for the D4 division, a crack team of operatives dedicated to fighting the drug trade. Martinez uses his charm and guile to infiltrate the drug hierarchy in an undercover operation set to trap Alicia. Unexpectedly, he ends up falling in love with her as he begins to understand why she chose a life of crime and discovers the woman behind La Mariposa.

"The second season of 'El Capo' set the bar high among MundoFox viewers," said Adriana Ibanez,
executive vice president of programming for MundoFox. "So much so that the program that follows in its timeslot has to measure up to those standards at a minimum. La Mariposa is that product."

She added, "A superb storyline shot across Miami, Mexico and Colombia, a star-studded cast and state-of-the art production values are by definition Latino entertainment, American attitude. And that is what La Mariposa is all about."

MundoFox currently has a base of 50 affiliate stations in markets representing nearly 80% of US Hispanic households. The network is available on broadcast over-the-air television, as well as through cable, satellite and telco providers.