1) on the menu + + installation + antenna connections connections type (dual different).

2) On the menu you select list of EUTELSAT W3A satellites + LNB2.

3) on the other satellite LNB1 (eg Hotbird + ASTRA + Nilsat all about LNB1 we use the option if you disequ several satellite branch has faith

4) used for protocol decoding from satellite (EutelSat W3A) just go to menu gets you 77,777 + enter a sub-menu, you select the option SDS + + active = ON APPLY then you exit the menu.

5) are for use on the internet, of course it has to be connected on the menu then type 77777 + you get a submenu, the option must be selected IKS + + active = ON APPLY then you exit the menu (you must re lit your demo that it can connect to the server).

6) It is possible to use with an external decoder (eg morebox)) with the option TWIN PROTOCOL (I tested it and it works).

7) For key BISS menu you must make 66,666, you get a key for the table.

hidden menu

5555 cccam menu setting
6666 menu key editor
7777 setup menu for sharing ativation sds mode (dongle)
menu and newcamd newcamd server 9999