NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: Broncos climb, Giants plummet

  • By Elliot Harrison
  • Analyst, and NFL Network
  • Published: Dec. 4, 2012 at 12:44 p.m

The Philadelphia Eagles make a change in the Nick of a time, the clock is ticking on Big Ben's return, and the Dez dispenser is dishing out touchdowns and fantasy points for Big D.
Yup, bad puns are alive and well as we head into Week 14, and so is bad football. The NFC North comes to mind, as both the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bearscouldn't make a tackle (or even attempt one, in the former team's case) around their own goal line at crunch time. While the Bears are 8-4, they better get their act together if they're to stay with the Green Bay Packers in the division race. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Vikings have gone from 5-1 & cruising to 6-6 & handily losing.