Synacor, Zynga team up to enable premium pay-TV gaming currency

Editor | 05-12-2012

In the latest move toward bringing games to the pay-TV environment, TV Everywhere solutions firm Synacor has entered into a partnership with social game services provider Zynga.
Under the terms of the partnership, Synacor will contribute technology that will make Zynga game currency available to pay-TV and high-speed Internet providers as part of its consumer bundles, enabling MVPDs to deliver online products and services, in addition to TV Everywhere, to their pay-TV subscribers. Through Synacor's first-ever partnership with Zynga, as a part of their subscription, pay-TV subscribers of participating MVPDs will be able to receive in-game currency each month that can be redeemed in the Zynga games.
"TV Everywhere is raising awareness of the value of authentication. It facilitates an evolving definition of the breadth of offerings MVPDs are capable of delivering to their consumers. Games are an important extension, and Zynga's leadership in social games makes it an ideal partner, explained Ron Frankel, Synacor CEO. [We are] delighted to be working with Zynga, and this partnership will build upon an ecosystem that continues to expand the definition of the bundle for our customers Partnerships such as these, where pay-TV subscribers get even more benefits and entertainment from their subscriptions, are redefining the bundle, and we are confident the foremost programmers and content providers will see value in this subscriber-friendly approach."
"Zynga is always looking for innovative opportunities to deliver the best value in entertainment for its new and existing players," added Barry Cottle, chief revenue officer for Zynga. "Our partnership with Synacor will enable us to offer additional value to premium pay-TV subscribers with in-game currency while providing easy navigation to their favourite Zynga games directly from their PC home screens."