Sky Deutschland upgrades service procedure

Jörn Krieger | 05-12-2012

German pay-TV broadcaster Sky Deutschland has selected international B2B service providers S3 Group and Teleplan to deliver a suite of products and services targeted at increasing the quality of experience for its subscribers.
The end-to-end solution - which incorporates a number features such as catching faulty set-top-boxes in automated device-testing procedures, as well as return logistics, repair, refurbishment and spare parts management - will be deployed across the engineering, product support and supply chain departments. By utilising a single integrated solution throughout its operations, Sky Deutschland expects to see significant quality improvements, cost savings and customer satisfaction in the service being delivered to its three million plus subscribers.
"Powered by our partners Teleplan and S3 Group and in cooperation with our core suppliers Humax and Pace as well as our strategic logistics service partner Loxxess, the solution will cover the full life-cycle of all set-top boxes, PVRs and hard disc drives," Sebastian Hauptmann, vice-president supply chain at Sky Deutschland, said in Munich. "In this way, we expect to reduce total cost of ownership and further improve the quality of the Sky consumer premises equipment," he added.