IDG launches German YouTube channel

December 5, 2012 10.38 Europe/London By Robert Briel

Comedy, VLogs and Talk are part of the digital entertainment on IDG’s High5 German YouTube channel.

High5, one of Germany’s official YouTube partner channels, is promising to bring interactive television and 21st century pop culture to the viewers.

From a specially constructed studio in Munich a number of presenters will host programmes such as Fab5, Let’s Watch, Most Valuable Player, Hoppers, Maximum Love and more. From February, the channel even promises a weekly alternative cookery show.

Andre Horn, SVP at IDG Entertainment Media, sees High5 realising the vision of an interactive video channel: “With this original channel on YouTube we’re creating a complementary channel to traditional TV, the platform will enable us to realise our vision of an interactive video channel.

“A channel, which lets the user particpate and which covers the topics they are really interested in and who are underrepresented in traditional media. We believe that with this original channel we can create something really big and we are very pleased to be among the first partners in Germany. “

The channel already claimed over 30,000 subscribers before the start. It can be viewed on YouTube High5.