Jets' Rex Ryan: Mark Sanchez's contract not factor

  • By Gregg Rosenthal
  • Around The League editor
  • Updated: Dec. 5, 2012 at 02:24 p.m.

Mark Sanchez was the the lesser of three evils to start at quarterback for the New York Jets this week, in part because of his contractual situation. Rex Ryan, however, said Wednesday that Sanchez's guaranteed money had "absolutely zero" to do with Ryan's decision.
We believe Ryan here. Rex is desperately trying to win games to potentially save his job and put some lipstick on this pig of a 2012 season. We don't fully believe Ryan's following statement:
"I don't get any pressure from (owner) Woody (Johnson). I'm fortunate. I have a great relationship with my owner, with Woody. We have conversations -- open conversations -- all the time," Ryan said. "We can say things to each other and all that. But where I'm real fortunate is from the day Mr. Johnson hired me, he said it's 100 percent my decision on who plays and what their role is. And that's it."
Johnson reportedly favored Greg McElroy as the team's choice this week. So Ryan made his own decision, but Johnson's "pressure" and fingerprints are all over this Jets quarterback mess. Why did the team acquire Tim Tebow? Why did they give Mark Sanchez an unnecessary apology contract?
Tebow, meanwhile, will be the No. 2 quarterback if healthy against the Jacksonville Jaguarson Sunday. So the hometown Jacksonville crowd may get to see him run a few plays after all. They just shouldn't go for a beer during punts, because that's the only time we know Tebow will be on the field.