Zig Zag in US/UK deal for Japanese game show G Wars

Louise Duffy | 06-12-2012

Zig Zag Productions has announced its latest Japanese game show format, G Wars.

Currently airing in a prime time Sunday night slot on Japan’s Fuji TV, G Wars features two teams of five contestants who take part in a series of madcap physical and non-physical challenges, competing for a cash prize. The fun challenges, which include ‘Mid air giant rubber band wrestling’, ‘ping pong face block’, ‘aquatic mad dash’ and ‘precision karaoke’, are shot in a variety of studio and location environments and feature an MC, joining in the fun and commentating on the action.

The show, also a big hit in China, is currently in its third series in Japan with a fourth planned. Audience share has peaked at 30.2% with an average of 17.0%.

The deal with Fuji Creative Corporation grants Zig Zag exclusive representation rights for the show in the UK and US markets and is the latest in a series of Japanese format deals for the company. Zig Zag recently partnered with the Yoshimoto agency, making game show format Time Out for regional broadcaster KTV as well as simultaneously shooting a UK version of the show. Zig Zag also optioned NTV’s physical game show format Exit in the US and UK, and which is now being made for US cable net Syfy.

“We’re very excited by G Wars,” said Zig Zag CEO Danny Fenton. “We’ve had some great successes with Japanese game show formats recently and we’ve built a real understanding of what works and why. G Wars has the potential to be our next breakout format hit”.