CSA issues connected TV proposals

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 06-12-2012

Following last year's initial report on connected TV, the French TV regulatory body CSA has issued 14 proposals to set up a regulated and viable pattern for this emerging sector, without massively deregulating the French audiovisual sector.

In 2012, 23% of TV sets sold in France were connected TV sets, and this rate is predicted to jump to 80% in 2013. These figures do not, however, take into account connected TV services already provided by IPTV operators.

Stating that future decisions on the subject must be based on an in-depth knowledge of connected TV usage, CSA has initially said it will create a dedicated observatory body.

Among other proposals, which telenauts are the heart of, CSA raises the question of the protection of personal data and suggests technical conditions and norms be the same across Europe so services and connected terminals will be able to operate all together. CSA also wants the weight to guarantee competition between all French, Euro and non-Euro players. The regulator also expects new connected services be respectful of TV advertising rules.

CSA finally states that all connected TV players must contribute to build a fair system.