Volksbox first to offer HD+ replay

December 6, 2012 12.20 Europe/London By Robert Briel

WATCH VIDEO. Luxembourg-based Inverto Digital Labs has released Volksbox Interactive Engine Software, a new update of software available on its products.

The new version provides new hybrid services of HD+ and broadcasters over its platform.

The update is available for Inverto’s hybrid set-top box, the Volksbox Web Edition+, a media centre with built-in WiFi”, which is available at retailers in Germany.

With the new version of software, the box is able to access the VOD service from RTL Now, MediaMarkt Videodownload shop and other VOD services, including enhancement of previously existing services, such YouTube.

“Solutions for home networking and now supplemented with video on demand services are the future in TV. Inverto has worked on this trend early on and the first HbbTV VOD receiver responded to the demand of users for innovative devices. We are very pleased that we are winning HD+ as a partner for this product, because as a leading developer and provider of innovative digital technology, we execute our plans towards supporting novel services within our platform” said Thomas Gerlach, director sales and ,marketing at Inverto Digital Labs.

“Inverto makes the only set-top box platform that run a highly integrated, hybrid TV engine with a wholly owned browser. This brings about a consumer-experience that is unmatched in the marketplace”