SES takes HD+ Replay on air

Jörn Krieger | 06-12-2012

Astra satellite operator SES has launched the catch-up portal HD+ Replay accompanying its German HDTV platform HD+.

Through HD+ Replay viewers can watch any full-length programmes they missed when they originally aired on television using their regular TV set.

Initially, the service comprises content from catch-up portals RTL Now and VOX Now, with Super RTL Now to follow later in December. The programmes will usually be available for a seven-day period following their original broadcast.

In contrast to the TV channels' catch-up services on the open Internet which are free-of-charge for viewers, HD+ charges an extra fee for access. In the first three months, the offering can be tested without payment. Viewers deciding to sign up for HD+ Replay in 2013 will get six additional free months. A three-month extension will subsequently cost €15.

To make use of HD+ Replay, a hybrid HD+ Smart TV set-top box with special software is required. The box also needs to be hooked up to the Internet. The first corresponding device, the Inverto Volksbox Web Edition+, is already on the market. A software update will shortly make the Vantage VT-100 HD+ capable of using HD+ Replay, and further models will follow.

HD+ announced its catch-up service based on interactive multimedia standard HbbTV in September 2012.

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