French TV producers, FTV argue over 2013 costs cuts

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly | 06-12-2012

French TV producers and France Télévisions argued angrily on Wednesday about the 2013 cost cuts planned at both France 2 and France 3, as the axing of another emblematic science-oriented kid show C'est Pas Sorcier was announced.

Communicating through press releases, the writers and producers associations Addoc, Groupe 25 Images, Scam, SPI, SRF and Uspa, questioned what FTV's president Rémy Pflimlin "is playing at regarding TV and movie creation". They slammed the decision to axe all the post prime time night shows on France 3 as being brutal and unilateral, and a hard blow to creative diversity. Hurt by these criticisms, Rémy Pflmlin judged it "unacceptable and not responsible" to criticise the hard decisions he needs to make where jobs are concerned.

Defending himself, Pflimlin said he has "engaged France Télévisions on the way to public financial recovery, after bringing investments in creation to an unprecedented level, i.e., €480 million".

However, the producers' associations don't see it this way, and don't think production investment is a real priority for Pflimlin.