Like/dislike: RG3 and Andrew Luck are good to go

By Adam Rank Writer
Updated: Dec. 7, 2012 at 12:02 a.m

Wow, that game between the Raiders and the Broncos ? can you believe what happened? It was amazing. Like the one player where the guy did the thing?
Ah, I'm just playing. I turn this in before the games, how do you not get this yet?
But an interesting story resurfaced this week in our research notes about last night's game. The Los Angeles Raiders had a deal in place with the Baltimore Colts to trade for John Elway during the 1983 draft. The move was blocked by NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle.
From the Star-Tribune in 2006: Ernie Accorsi, then the GM of the Colts, now the Giants' GM, confirmed a deal was in place with the Raiders that would have netted Baltimore an unprecedented three No. 1 picks and two No. 2s. One of the No. 1s, Accorsi said, would have been the sixth overall, which the Raiders had arranged to acquire from the Bears. Imagine how different the world would have been if this had happened? John Elway as the quarterback of the Los Angeles Raiders?
That would be like trying to imagine how life would have been like if Elizabeth Berkley had been Kelly, instead of Tiffani Thiessen (pictured). Jennie Garth also auditioned for the role, too. Hmmm, is there a "Saved by the Bell" version of the N-if-L?
All right, let's get to the fantasy football.
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A big hand to stats maven Bill "Sudsy" Sudell for dropping the knowledge.