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Thread: La Liga football games

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    La Liga football games

    I usually manage to watch La Liga football games free either on D+ when itís OK or using Eutelsat W3 satellite with a feed frequency of 11387 H - SR: 27500. Now, thereís been 2 weeks I didnít watch any game.
    Last week, the reason was that they changed the feed frequency to 11407 V - SR: 27500 and I didnít know it & D+ was down.
    Yesterday, I missed the classico REAL Ė BARCA; D+ was down in the afternoon and though I managed to get the games on Eutelsat W3 with the new feed frequency, they were encrypted in Viaccess.
    Before, they were open with Globecast Espana, Ident: 00E800, Key 08: 74 68 1A 84 CC C6 00 DF and now itís black screen. Some channels are encrypted in Viaccess and others are in Biss.
    If anybody has an idea about the new trick, please let us know about it!!!!!

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    Re: La Liga football games

    I found myself in the same trouble.
    I scanned the transponder and found that the Globcast ESP has changed the ident I don't remmeber exactly it was like 01AC00.I found it by vplug info. I try to use the old key 08: 74 68 1A 84 CC C6 00 DF with this new ident in my softcam but no success. I am afraid that they are usin via 2.5 now. Also I have seen encrypted biss chanel. I hope that a solution will be found soon.

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