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Thread: Yumatu hd 7101 03000100 ST Tuner

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    Yumatu hd 7101 03000100 ST Tuner

    Install Enigma2 Image on YUMATU FULL HD

    1. Install DUALBOOT SW „STi7101_03000100_YUMATU-BAFF_1.2.30_ELF_uBooT_INSIDE_b y_TBX.dld” on to your YUMATU FULL HD. ( with USB very simple procedure )

    2. Switch on you YU MA TU FULL HD without any PenDrive( otherwise this DUALBOOT SW wants allways booting from your PenDrive. That means Dual boot sw). The box boots the dualboot sw.

    3. Plug in your (Fat32-extended) PenDrive to your YUMATU and in PVR menu/ in HDD tool sub menu format your (minimum 2GB (Fat32) PenDrive to "Ext2 format)( takes about 2minutes)

    4. Download this Enigma2 Image "RunigmaHD-VIP"HERE from this site and unzip to your PC

    5. Download this program " R-Drive Image 4.7 Build 4725 Portable" ( search with Google)

    6. Pull out your PenDrive from your YUMATU FULL HD and plug in it to your PC.

    7. Start " R-Drive Image 4.7 Build 4725 Portable" program on your Computer(PC)(on Windows7 OS run this prg. as Administrator) ,select "Restore from an Image" option and browse your unzipped Enigma2 Image "RunigmaHD-VIP" and dopple click on it. On the next screen you should mark out this image(above) again and the target (down) your Penddrive with (Ext2) extension.
    Both of them must be red ( the image and the target place)
    On the next screen select active partition and tick start. When it is ready, than..

    8. Switch off your YU MA TU FULL HD receiver.

    9. Pull out your PenDrive from your PC and plug in it to your YUMATU FULL HD with this Enigma2 Image.

    10. Switch back on your YUMATU FULL HD Receiver . That boots automaticly from your PenDrive and you have now YUMATU FULL HD with Linux Enigma2 OS.

    User name:root

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