DigiDev signs up Christian OTT channel

Michelle Clancy | 11-12-2012

Internet TV content distribution company Digital Development Group will soon launch the Christian G2R Media channel, available soon at www.g2rmedia.tv and via connected devices.

G2R Media specializes in Christian based content that covers stories from throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.
"I am very excited about the launch of the G2R Media channel, which currently features over 125 hours of content covering a wide range of interesting and thought-provoking topics from some of the most authoritative and respected ministries, theologians and researchers," said Jeff Lewis, owner of G2R Media. "DigiDev's 'OTT' service and expertise allows G2R Media to provide some of the best Christian based content in one location on the Internet, literally allowing for the gospel to 'be preached in all the world.'"
G2R Media's continuously growing library features content from ministries like Creation Astronomy Media, featuring photos, videos and graphics from NASA, JPL and other sources, hosted by Spike Psarris, former engineer in the U.S. military space program. Eternal Productions, producer of documentaries on Bible prophecy, comparative religions and creation science, is another partner, contributing shows like God of Wonders and A Question of Origin.
Good Fight Ministries focuses on "exposing the hidden agenda of the music and film industry, the secular media, the occult and the 'emerging' church," including the groundbreaking 10-hour exposť They Sold Their Souls for Rock N' Roll and The Kinsey Syndrome.
Ken Klein Productions specialises in historical and prophetic documentaries such as 25 Messianic Signs; Touring Israel; In the Shadow of Babylon; and The Lost Legend of Enoch, the first in Ken Klein's very popular and revealing Great Pyramid Trilogy which explores the history behind the Great Pyramid.
LaBarge Media is the producer of the science video Programming of Life, which examines the complexity of information and coding in every living cell, and a documentary comparing Christian and Mormon doctrine called Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith.
"The upcoming release of the G2R channel will further demonstrate the commitment DigiDev has to provide compelling programming within a wide range of content," Martin Greenwald, chairman and CEO of DigiDev. "We launched our first channel three weeks ago, and set the stage for dozens of additional channels to be launched."