Authorities probe club that hosted Jerry Brown

  • By Kareem Copeland
  • Around the League Writer
  • Updated: Dec. 11, 2012 at 11:28 a.m.

Jerry Brown and Josh Brent were among several Dallas Cowboys at the club Privae the night Brown was killed in an auto accident, a source told USA Today. Brown was riding with Brent when he hit a curb and flipped his car after they left. The accident took place within five miles of the Dallas club. Brent was arrested and charged with intoxication manslaughter and bailed out on a $500,000 bond Sunday.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and Irving police are investigating Privae to determine if alcohol was "served to somebody who was intoxicated, which is illegal in Texas," TABC spokeswoman Carolyn Beck told USA Today.

The Cowboys will conduct their own investigation to determine how many players were in attendance, coach Jason Garrett told the Star-Telegram.

"We're not into that process right now," Garrett said. "We're a couple of days away from that. I think we're all kind of trying to get our arms around what happened. We're all trying to be very respectful to Jerry's family and certainly Josh's situation and really just trying to get through today. That's where we are.

"Oh, at some point, I'm sure we will get to the details of that. But we are certainly not at that point right now."

Privae posted the following statement on their website:

"In regard to the auto accident that took the life of Dallas Cowboy Jerry Brown, we are saddened by the events of the weekend. Our hearts go out to Mr. Brown's family and friends, and the entire Cowboys organization.

"Privae Dallas is a club that offers its guests a special level of privacy and often caters to celebrities. The safety of our guests is very important to us, and our staff is trained to follow the regulations set forth by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).
"We are fulling cooperating with the TABC and Irving police, and respect that the event is under investigation. Because of that, we must ask that all questions be directed to the Irving police department and their team."
Imagine going out with a couple coworkers the night before, then getting to the job in the morning to find out one is dead and the other in jail. That had to weigh especially hard on those who were part of that group.