Ensequence, Audible Magic join forces for advertising portfolio

Michelle Clancy | 12-12-2012

Ensequence and Audible Magic are integrating Audible Magic's SmartID and Ensequence's award-winning iTV Manager to solutions to create a targeted advertising portfolio.

The platform will allow advertisers to connect one-on-one with audiences across devices including TV sets, tablets, laptops and smartphones. It also can monitor hundreds of broadcast streams that then trigger events across set-top boxes that activate programming and TV commercial enhancements to further engage viewers.

"The new, more interactive, more deeply engaged TV viewing environment isn't on the horizon; it's here," said Vance Ikezoye, president and CEO of Audible Magic. "And Ensequence's iTV Manager solution is playing a key role in turning the promise into a reality that's exciting for viewers and potentially much more profitable for advertisers. In fact, the integrated product's ability to recognise TV commercials and create one-on-one viewer engagement in real time is like a dream come true for these advertisers—their Holy Grail."

Audible Magic offers digital fingerprinting for recognising content in all forms across radio and television broadcasts, Internet streams, cable and satellite transmissions, stored digital files and on consumer devices such as smart TVs, set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets and other appliances. Ensequence meanwhile offers interactive and dynamic advertising products.