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Thread: Open Cam DB emu

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    Open Cam DB emu

    Working on DB500 here.

    Here is beta 0.1 (opensource)


    1) Have not incorporated Jagaer's improved map3b handling yet - someone feel free...
    2) Have not included all of blahblim's suggested bug fixes in dbcam - will get to it eventually...
    3) May not support all NA providers yet, but should be easy to add - I can't test them all...
    4) Please report performance issues as well as bugs
    5) Source + executable is in the attachment
    6) It is not a nice installable package - ftp opencam to your bin dir, chmod, and launch it...
    7) Use same old key files / same old format
    8) Someone post some ideas about how to manage this thing going forward, being open source and all - I can foresee a bazillion versions floating around...
    9) I know the code isn't pretty - Many things left to do:
    - Improved error handling
    - Multiple keys management (multiple providers)
    - performance tuning (nothing here yet - I've seen a couple of channels with choppy video...)
    - etc...
    10) Tested on 7020 - let me know if there are issues with other models...

    Your FunFiles Team

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    Re: Open Cam DB emu

    Hy is that the Emu whats open Lig TV Smart card if yes where can i Download it

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