Spanish company takes Government to task on DTT licence allocation

Iñaki Ferreras | 12-12-2012

An appeal by Infraestructuras y Gestión 2002 has partially been upheld by Spain's Supreme Court which declared null an agreement of the Council of Ministers on 16 July 2010.
Through this agreement, a mux with the capacity of transmitting four conventional channels was allocated to Antena 3, Telecinco, Sogecable, Veo 7, Net Televisión and laSexta. The agreement was declared null because the Court found it did not abide by the law, although this legal decision does not affect current broadcasters.
According to the decision, says Europa Press, the Government did not respect the Audiovisual Communication General Law, which was established in May 2010, and assigned additional DTT channels to the owners of the licences without them going to a public bid as is required by law.
The legal action of Infraestructuras y Gestión 2002 dates back to 2005 and has already been tried in various regions with some for and some against rulings over how DTT licences have been given over the last few years.