Ono and Telefónica contract could end

Iñaki Ferreras | 12-12-2012

Ono and Telefónica may end up breaking their contract regarding mobile phone services.
The situation dates back to last summer, when Telefónica declared its intention to break its current mobile network supply contract for virtual phone services with Ono, an agreement signed in 2007 and which expires in February 2013. Ono then requested a new proposal from Telefónica, but no response was given, according to Neeo.es.
Ono then formally requested the intervention of the regulator Telecommunications Market Commission (CMT) which has so far not produced a resolution.
Last November the cable company presented a conflict with the Commission's Telecommunications Market (CMT) to defend its interests in the business of mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).
The situation has prompted Ono to consider alternatives, among which include a change of mobile phone network supplier. Both Orange and Vodafone are likely contenders as Ono looks for mobile. Ono is the fastest growing MVNO in recent months and had a total of about 315,000 customers in early October.
The quality and continuity of mobile phone service currently offered by the cable operator will not be affected by the situation. In the event that disagreements persist between the two companies, it is likely that the CMT impose precautionary measures to extend the contract without negative consequences for users.