Xstream extends management software with next gen ingest service

Joseph O'Halloran | 13-12-2012

Bidding to address major industry challenges for accepting content in a way never seen before, Xstream has launched what it calls a next generation ingest service.
The end-to-end video management software and services provider says that at the heart of its new move is the growing challenge facing the OTT and TV Everywhere market of ensuring a simple ingest workflow when importing media assets from various content providers. Xstream asserts that for many service providers with a large media assets library, the ingest workflow can be a major headache with different processes for dealing with multiple video input formats, metadata formats, subtitle formats, applying DRM encryption and transcoding for multiple platforms.

The solution is designed to allow management of all content from the provider to its final viewing platform. In addition, it is said to be able to handle and automate all major tasks related to the ingest process in terms of processing and handling large video files and related assets. These include all encoding in a seamless automated workflow, uploading and downloading from servers, image resizing, metadata, subtitles, outputting distribution ready files to any CDN and DRM encryption.
Xstream claims that its new Ingest Service will “greatly simplify” media asset ingest, offering a “completely transparent” process to fit into any media roll-out. The business benefit claimed is reduced customer time spent on setting up ingest workflows, decreased time to market and the ability to scale their offerings faster, better and wider than ever before.
“The new Ingest Service is a milestone in our product development since we believe it will solve the challenges our customers are experiencing with complicated workflows,” claims Xstream CEO and founder Frank Thorup. “With our new Ingest Service we enable the delivery of content to viewers; quicker, better, easier, with studio approved DRM and the industry’s best set-up to scale our customers’ solutions from one to many - from one day to another.”