Plizy raises $4MN to fund video discovery efforts

Michelle Clancy | 13-12-2012

Video content discovery company Plizy has raised $4 million in a Series A round from Atlas Venture.
The company will use the new funding to expand its audience, aggregating more content from providers such as Cinemax, Snagfilm and Starz, and building out its offerings across multiple platforms, specifically on Android and iOS.
Plizy previously raised $1.2 million in angel round funding, joined by the co-founder of Fotolia, Oleg Tschelzhoff. It launched its iPad app in May 2011 to allow users to find relevant online videos based on their individual 'interest graph.' It has since expanded to allow users to search, organise, watch and share any content available online. In November, Plizy launched version 2.0 with a completely new website and iPad app user interface.
"We are thrilled to have Atlas Venture as our sole investor because of our long-standing relationship with them and their success with companies like Dailymotion the largest digital media company to come out of Europe," said Jonathan Benassaya, founder and CEO at Plizy. "As video content is fragmented across many sites there is no easy way for consumers to get access to the content they want. Plizy offers a unique service for consumers to seamlessly search, organize, watch and share any movie, TV show or video online."
Plizy now aggregates more than 550,000 movies, 200,000 shows and 100 million videos across various video services, including Amazon Prime, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, Dailymotion, HBO Go, Hulu, Hulu Plus, iTunes, Netflix, Vimeo and YouTube.