Quarter of top brands embracing online video ads

Michelle Clancy | 13-12-2012

Online video advertising is beginning to catch the notice of big advertisers, with almost a quarter of top brands (23%) now including online video advertising as part of their media marketing mix, and of those, 11% exclusively using online video.
According to its Online Video Measurement service, Kantar Media found that almost a quarter of top brands now include online video advertising as part of their overall marketing strategy.

That doesn't mean that television doesn't still reign supreme, as a full 77% continue to advertise on national television exclusively. About 12% use a mix of both online video and television advertising. Thus, there's a way to go before pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video ads catch up with viewership. Other research paints the picture in stark terms: in November comScore reported that more than 88% of online users watched at least one online video in October, and about 22% of online video seen during the month were ads.

"Consumer interest in online video is surging, but to date companies have had little insight into how this important channel is being used for marketing and advertising campaigns," said George Carens, president of Kantar Media Intelligence North America, in a statement. "Our new service enables detailed tracking of information for the ads playing within online videos, providing a glimpse for the first time into the dynamics that are making online video one of the fastest growing digital advertising segments."
According to analysis of data from the tracking service, of the industries that used both national TV advertising and online video advertising during October 2012, restaurants and automotive companies were the most likely to use both channels, at 43% and 30% of brands advertising respectively, while Internet communications and content companies as well as resort and travel companies were the most likely to use online video advertising exclusively, at 39% and 28% respectively.