Concurrent launches multiscreen video assurance

Michelle Clancy | 14-12-2012

Chalk up a win for the video back office and OSS landscape: Concurrent has launched a multiscreen video delivery service assurance platform that monitors pay-TV network systems in real-time to proactively identify maintenance needs and protect against system faults.

With the introduction of more content assets, new video formats, and a wide range of technologies to support multiscreen video services, operating video delivery systems is becoming more complex. Video service operators are also faced with staffing constraints as more and more demands are being placed on a limited number of maintenance technicians.
Concurrent aims to assist with this challenge. The solution, which is delivered as a service, reports on behavioural patterns and transactional trends that affect critical software routines and hardware components, while Concurrent's video assurance team works cooperatively with operators to take the recommended steps to prevent outages, improve consumer experience and plan appropriately to accommodate growth.
"With proactive alerts and historical trending reports, operators are notified when conditions exist that could impact their customers," said Rick Lopes, head of global services at Concurrent. "Concurrent's multiscreen assurance services are designed to simplify the process of operating large scale multiscreen video delivery systems by highlighting potential issues before they occur," he added.