xTV adds crowdsourced content to online broadcast network

Michelle Clancy | 14-12-2012

Online broadcast outlet xTV has inked a deal with CrowdOptic to enable crowdsourcing of sports and major events content, such as videos, photos and social media, to be shown live on xTV.

The idea is to offer TV through the eyes of people on the ground—a significant departure from traditional broadcast video.
"Seeing sports and major events through the eyes of the people physically attending is a simple yet radical concept which is great on a picture by picture basis," said Joe Ward, CEO of xTV. "However, seeing the hottest event pictures and video in an organized, interactive viewing experience in real time is a game-changing capability."
CrowdOptic analyses hundreds of millions of mobile social media posts to identify, tag and rebroadcast the most relevant videos, photos and social media content for whichever subject is of interest. That capability will now be integrated with xTV's real-time feeds and media network of more than 500,000 videos, with another 1,000+ being added each week from major media sources such Reuters, Associated Press, Newsy and others.
"Viewers of TV content are now less willing to have their viewing experience programmed for them on traditional media. Now they can program it themselves on xTV," the company said.