Wellen+Nöthen takes Ultra HD to Sky Germany

Jörn Krieger | 14-12-2012

German broadcast service provider Wellen+Nöthen was chosen by pay-TV broadcaster Sky Deutschland as co-initiator and technology partner to record the football Bundesliga match between FC Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund in Ultra HD (4K) on 1 December 2012.

The next generation of high definition television offers a resolution four times higher than the currently used HDTV format. The first Ultra HD-capable TV sets are already available in retail stores.
"Ultra HD is still in a very early stage, but the development progresses quickly," Alessandro Reitano, director sports production at Sky Deutschland, said in Munich. "As the innovation leader in the TV and entertainment area, we want to accelerate this development and offer Sky customers the best possible TV experience once again. The Ultra HD test recording has been the first very important step in this direction."
Daniel Url, sales manager at Wellen+Nöthen, said: "The pilot project by Sky Deutschland has been an important milestone for us. The test production has shown that the technology required for an end-to-end 4K production is already available today."
As the interface between Sky Deutschland and the other project partners, Wellen+Nöthen was responsible for the connection and coordination of the participating companies. The German production house Kropac Media provided a Sony F65 35mm camera and its production team for the pilot project.
The recording was performed in the 4K50p HFR (High Frame Rate) format with 50 images per second which is particularly suited for fast and dynamic scenes and in 120p for slow-motion scenes. The vast data volumes were recorded on a total of ten 512GB SR memory cards provided by Sony Professional.
German technology company Rohde & Schwarz DVS contributed its professional post-production solutions Clipster and Pronto4K for the editing of the recorded material.
"We are happy that Sky Deutschland has chosen us as the interface and technology partner in this important first test stage. In conjunction with all participating companies and manufacturers we have gained experiences which will form the basis for all further 4K projects," said Url.