RTVE's looks to relaunch its children's channel

Iñaki Ferreras | 14-12-2012

Spain's national public broadcaster RTVE is studying a plan to revive its children's channel Clan and double its budget.

Last Wednesday the new head of Spanish children's television programmes, Yago Fandino, presented a plan to the board of directors of RTVE to revive the children's channel Clan and double its procurement budget, according to Europa Press.
Currently, the children's channel has an annual budget for purchases of about €4 million, according to sources, which forces it to frequently air series re-runs. The idea put forward by Fandino is to increase the channel's budget in order to reduce the number of content replacements.
Last February, when he appeared before the Joint Parliamentary Control of RTVE in the Congress of Deputies, the RTVE's former adviser Josep Manuel Silva doubted the survival of Clan as a result of the Government cutting €204 million from RTVE's budget and its obligation to broadcast the Olympic Games at a cost of €70 million.
According to RTVE, the provision of children's content through Clan is "an issue of public service and also a legal obligation".
Clan transmits in the clear on Spain's national DTT.