Microsoft and Marlin to provide the DRMs for Spain's connected TV

Iñaki Ferreras | 14-12-2012

Spain's audiovisual industry has proposed the adoption of Microsoft and Marlin's DRMs for its connected television services.

A working group consisting of leading television channels has proposed the use of these content protection systems after evaluating the different options available. The agreement will ensure the interoperability between different hybrid television services in Spain and at the same time open the door to new business models.
The working group comprises the major Spanish television channels, representing 94.5% of the audience.
The country's national public broadcaster Corporación RTVE and the Interactive Television Association, AEDETI, have coordinated the talks as a continuation of work sponsored by the Secretariat of the Technical Forum of Digital Television.
HbbTV is a European initiative which aims to harmonize distributing entertainment content through the use of set-top boxes and connected TV's. The system has already been adopted by France and Germany.
Through this standard, consumers will be able to access entertainment services such as catch-up content, video-on-demand, social networking, gaming, interactive advertising, advice, feedback and information enrichment programmes during broadcast.
A year after the formal adoption of the HbbTV standard for connected TV development and new business models arising from interactivity, the Spanish industry has just taken another important step by proposing the use of Intertrust (Marlin) and PlayReady (Microsoft) as the technologies used for the protection of hybrid television content.
During the process of implementing connected TV, which was coordinated by the Spanish Association of Interactive Television (AEDETI), broadcasters decided, once the HbbTV standard was adopted in November 2011, to undertake the second phase and evaluate the commercially available technical options for content protection.
It is expected connected TVs will begin to be sold in Spain during the first months of 2013.
The main advantage of HbbTV system is that it allows the easy development of interactive content but, above all, an easy integration with traditional television programme consumption through the Internet.