Reggie Bush 'uneasy' without new Miami Dolphins deal

By Kareem Copeland
Updated: Dec. 14, 2012 at 11:19 a.m.

Reggie Bush will be a free agent after the 2012 season. The Miami Dolphins have not tried to re-sign their best-known player, and Bush is preparing for life post-Miami.

"It's getting pretty late," Bush told The Miami Herald. "It's getting pretty late."

"It's a little uneasy and unsure, but at the same time, exciting, because you know there are opportunities out there. I'd love to stay here, but part of me says, 'Well, there's nothing been on the table quite yet.' I'm remaining optimistic."

Bush has put together his two most productive seasons as a running back with the Dolphins. He rushed for a career-high 1,086 yards, had 43 receptions with seven touchdowns in 2011. He has 791 rushing yards, 29 catches and five touchdowns in 2012.

Bush hasn't been anywhere near the NFL-leader in rushing yards, as was his 2012 goal, but he is the Dolphins best running back, a locker room leader and a player that is still one of the most versatile in the NFL. Still, the Dolphins don't seem eager to bring him back.

"It comes down to who needs me, who wants me, and, obviously, money," Bush said. "I want to play another five years. I think 12 years, as a running back, that's a good place to start."

The Dolphins' decision to move on from Bush wouldn't be shocking. He's always been better in a supporting role than the lead every-down back. And money could be an issue. But Daniel Thomas and Lamar Miller would be downgrades.