Duolabs is proud you to introduce to a new frontier of Smartcard programming tool. The Unlooper Trunker is a new device designed for developers who want to test the security of their Smartcard Systems.
The Unlooper Trunker is able to perform glitches on Power Supply (VCC) and on Clock of the Smartcard. Those glitches are proofing the tamper resistence of the internal MCU in order to prevent code hacking along you system.
With this tool you can test how secure is your SmartCard system.


Main features:

- Wildthing/Kpyro based unlooper with AT90S2313-10P DIP format. All features are enabled.
- Xilinx modification with XC9536XL-PC44. External Clock generation is originally set at 100Mhz but can be changed thanks to the clock generator.
- J-Tag to program the Xilinx directly in the socket.
- J-Tag connection for normal J-Tag functions.
- ISO Programmer Smartmouse/Phoenix 3,579/6,00 Mhz and settable frequency.
- EEPROM Programmer. Allows you to program I2C like 24LCXX EEProms.
- Plastic Box.


° Serial RS-232 cable
° Parallel Port Male-Female Cable
° Power Supplier at 12 Volts.

Wildthing/Kpyro based unlooper with AT90S2313-10P DIP format.
The Unlooper Trunker basically designed on WildThing/Kpyro Schematic with the addition of a CPLD Xilinx XC9536XL-PC44 and an external clock generator. All together is knows as modified Kpyro Unlooper.
It covers all the functions of the standard Wildthing, DIP switches are switching phisically the connection so that you will have no firmware compatibilities problems! This is very importend because you can make the Trunker working with 3rd party software without any problem!
The standard glitching frequency it's 100Mhz and it is generated by a Clock Generator CY22150 by Cypress. This clock frequency can be changed simply re-programming the EEProm 24LC02 inside. You don't need any extra programmer the I2C programmer it is already in!

Xilinx modification with XC9536XL-PC44.
Some users reported the necessity of performing clock glitches with the addition of a MOD board.
Actually Duolabs made all this in on tool and added the possibility to connect and disconnect the MOD circuit by simply changing the configuration of some DIP switches so that you can pass from standard Wildthing Kpyro Unlooper to the most powerfull XC9536XL-PC44 modified version and the way around.
Simply turn the unlooper off and change the setting.
Here is the schematic.
J-Tag to program the Xilinx.
More you can program the Xilinx with the Jedec (.jed result of the VHDL source code) file thanks to the Jtag embedded. Simply using the Xilinx original software called IMPACT (or use
naxjp freeware software ) or the freeware program ( NAXJP )downloadable directly from Xilinx web site you can now program it with the firmware you want.
To program it simply connect the Parallel Port cable to the PC Parallel Port and set the DIP switches.
You don't need to remove the Xilinx from it's socket you can program it directly from the parallel port.

J-Tag connection for normal J-Tag functions.
This follows the Standard J-Tag connections. This is so helpful if you need a J-Tag you have it already embedded. So no need to buy an extra tool!
Get connections from this document.


ISO Programmer Smartmouse/Phoenix 3,579/6,00 Mhz and settable frequency.
The Unlooper Trunker works as Smartmouse/Phoenix (ISO 7816) programmer as well. Thanks to the variable clock generation you can simply program the frequency you prefer.
If you want to change from the standard frequencies (Freq 1: 3,579 Mhz and Freq 2: 6,000 Mhz) you simply need to open the device and change the content of the EEPROM 24LC02 inside setting new values extracted from the Cypress 22150 Clock Generator setting tool.
If you are not expert on this please send us an email and we will explain you how to do. Only if you are really interested!
EEPROM Programmer. Allows you to program I2C like 24LCXX EEProms.
This function is meant to be used to program the 24LC02 inside. Normally it is already programmed and the clock settings are 100Mhz for the Xilinx, Freq 1: 3,579Mhz and Freq 2: 6,000 Mhz.
You can edit the EEProm and change the values and then program the I2C.
If you are looking for a professiona EEProm programmer of course this is NOT the right solution but it is complementary to the Unlooper Trunker usage.
To program the EEPROM you have the internal EEProm programmer and use the PonyProg EEprom programmer by Lanconelli www.lancos.com.
Important: Parallel Port must be set as programmer "EasyI2C I/O" and Remove the Jumper inside.

The standard configuration when the unlooper is sold is the following:

100Mhz for the Xilinx.
Freq 1: 3,579Mhz
Freq 2: 6,000 Mhz.

More information on the duolabs web site http://***.duolabs.com/trunker.htm