Pau Gasol sort of sets his timetable, could return in a week

By Royce Young | Blogger
December 15, 2012 6:29 pm ET

Gasol could be back soonish. (Getty Images)
Pau Gasol has missed seven games for the Lakers because of tendinitis in both knees.
He has officially been listed as day-to-day, but Gasol finally set his own timetable on Friday. Via ESPN LA:
Would he return Sunday against Philadelphia?

"Doubtful," Gasol said, before checking to make sure he was using the right sports availability terminology. "Doubtful? Is that like the lowest degree of [likelihood]?"

How about Tuesday at home against Charlotte?

"Questionable," Gasol said.

Then surely, next Saturday on the road against Golden State?

"That's probable," Gasol said.

So, that would make a Christmas Day rematch against the New York Knicks in L.A. a definite, right?

"I wish," Gasol said. "There's no definites right now."
Without Gasol, the Lakers are 2-5. Overall, they're 10-14 after getting a win against the Wizards on Friday. The Lakers obviously are having substantial problems, one of which is getting their best players healthy. Gasol has been out almost two weeks, Steve Nash almost two months.
Gasol said Friday he's running on a treadmill and will begin on-court activities sometime next week, likely after the Lakers' four-game road stretch ends Sunday in Philly.
Gasol has struggled this season, averaging career-low numbers almost across the board. His knees are obviously involved, but he also has had issues getting integrated in Mike D'Antoni's new offense. But it's hard to be effective when you're not healthy. Clearly the rest should help, and while the Lakers' losing has been ugly, they're more interested in having a healthy Gasol in April, not December.