NHL lockout: NHLPA reportedly closer to filing disclaimer of interest

By Adam Gretz | Blogger

December 14, 2012 2:41 pm ET

It has been assumed in recent weeks that the next step for the NHLPA in its attempt to strike a deal with the NHL would either be a decertification of the union or the filing of a disclaimer of interest.
It appears the latter could happen very soon. If nothing else, the NHLPA seems to have taken a step toward making it happen.
According to TSN's Aaron Ward, the NHLPA executive board voted on Thursday night to give the players a vote to authorize a disclaimer of interest. It hasn't happened yet, but it very well could in the coming days.
There isn't much difference between a decertification and the disclaimer of interest except that the latter is a much faster process. Both give the NHLPA the option of filing an antritrust lawsuit against the league, but the disclaimer of interest does not require a vote or recognition from the National Labor Relations Board.

If you're still clinging to the belief that the NHL lockout is following the same script as last year's NBA lockout, keep in mind that when the NBA players filed their disclaimer of interest, they had a new collective bargaining agreement 11 days later.
Then again, the NBA and NBPA seem to run their league a little more efficiently than the NHL