Jilion launches HTML 5 online video player creator
Michelle Clancy | 17-12-2012

Jilion, maker of a cloud-based HTML5 video player, has launched SublimeVideo Horizon, the first HTML5 video application framework for developing branded, tailor-made video players, aimed at designers and advertisers for embedding in Web pages.

The platform offers support across all browsers, including legacy Internet Explorer 6, and the latest mobile platforms, including Apple iPads, Google Nexus and Microsoft Surface tablets.

The solution builds on Jilion's first HTML5 video player platform, SublimeVideo.net, which provides Web publishers with a plug-and-play universal video player solution. SublimeVideo Horizon brings modularity to the platform with a range of colours, shapes and fonts for on-screen customization. The resulting player can then be embedded in any Website or blog.

Jilion has also integrated YouTube support so that Web publishers can host their videos on the world's largest video platform, while playing them through their own customised, branded players.

"There is a tremendous amount of sophisticated technology operating behind the scenes of this seemingly simplistic and beautiful resulting experience," said Zeno Crivelli , Jilion co-founder. "We spent more than a year developing SublimeVideo Horizon to be the most powerful, no-compromise and brand-friendly video player solution in the world."

Other in-video engagement features include the ability to display a 'buy song' or 'tour date' button on screen to drive sales for music, a 360° viewer for cars, houses and other physical-based brands and in-stock information for e-commerce sites.

"The world is adopting mobile as its primary video viewing platform," said Mehdi Aminian, Jilion co-founder. "Brands, marketers and advertisers are in dire need to deliver their audience a sophisticated and seamless viewing experience, despite the painfully fragmented browser technology landscape."