Canal Digital launches 4G broadband service

December 17, 2012 09.39 Europe/London By Julian Clover

Sweden’s Canal Digital has launched a new 4G broadband service in partnership with owners Telenor.

The DTH platform says the greatest difference will be felt in the 91% of population who live outside of urban areas, where fibre has yet to be fully developed.

The plan has become necessary because of the increasing demand for web-based ‘TV-Everywhere’ type services.

“Several of the services we offer require connectivity so it feels natural to be able to offer the customer a broadband solution. We have been waiting for a wireless option with a high enough capacity, now this is a serious option. In combination with our television programming via satellite, it is 4G with its flexibility, future technology, said John Nordin, managing director, Canal Digital Sweden.

At the same time Telenor will directly offer Canal Digital’s DTH packages.

“As the 4G coverage improves it is becoming a real option for many who had previously only been able to use older broadband technologies such as ADSL. By partnering with Canal Digital, we reach out to even more potential customers and can offer them a good package with TV and broadband, says Jonas Lindström, director of mobile services at Telenor Sweden

4G is the fastest growing broadband technology, in the first quarter of 2013 is estimated 99 percent of the Swedish population has access to 4G technology.

Increased speed and responsiveness of the 4G network means that there is no practical difference between 4G and fixed broadband.