Zattoo comes to Xbox 360 Live

December 17, 2012 09.59 Europe/London By Robert Briel

The streaming live TV platform Zattoo is now available on the Xbox 360.

Owners of the Microsoft game console can now access 55 live streaming TV channels

Zattoo’s live TV channels are available free of charge in the countries where the service is available, such as Germany and Switzerland.

The move follows more worldwide initiative of adding live TV streaming to the box 360.

The French-German culture channel Arte has also introduced its own catch-up TV app for the Xbox 360, Arte +7.

German sports broadcaster Sport1 also has a new app offering free access to sports news and highlights as well as a premium service for streaming live sports.

All three TV apps are free, but a subscription to Xbox Live Gold is compulsory to use the live streaming TV apps.