Joe Flacco: It feels like Baltimore Ravens are '0-14'

By Gregg Rosenthal
Updated: Dec. 17, 2012 at 10:28 a.m.

There were a lot of takeaways from the Baltimore Ravens embarrassing 34-17 defeat to the Denver Broncos on Sunday:

1. Firing offensive coordinator Cam Cameron isn't going to magically save the offense.
2. The defense is injured beyond recognition, but could have hope if it gets healthy for the playoffs.
3. It's hard to see the Ravens as a real Super Bowl contender any more.

"We're a 9-5 football team and it feels like we're 0-14 right now," quarterback Joe Flacco said after the game, looking dazed. "That's just the feeling that you have right after a game like this. It's going to test a lot of things in us guys."

Flacco's offense went three-and-out on its first five drives. It had 11 drives that went 11 yards or less. They looked like one of the worst offenses in the league for much of the game. The defense played well, before giving way late.

"This team is in a slump," said cornerback Cary Williams. "When you're in a slump, you try not to point fingers."

Williams and Ed Reed appeared to have a miscommunication on a long touchdown that Williams gave up. Reed pointed the finger inward.

"I felt like it was Christmas and not for our side," Reed said. "We were in a giving mood. ... We didn't play football. I was embarrassed. I am embarrassed as a player to come out and perform the way we have. As a Ravens nation, as a player, I am embarrassed for our city."

The Ravens have made the playoffs, but they could lose the division to the Cincinnati Bengals. A franchise noted for its toughness crumbled in a big spot Sunday.