Hi Guys,

I got myself a Alien 8900 as it supports E2.
But, now I'm stuck in installing any cams on it.
I thought it would be like any other e2 box and you can manually install the .ipk file to /tmp then run the local installer.
I have read many threads of manually installing Oscam via FTP but to no avail.

If I install this firmware from the link below dies it have the "AR" panel pre installed??


Also how do I download the file it's coded. When I delete the code boxes I just get a error from the link.

I've not been around this forum for a while and forgot I was even registered.
I was googling my way and ended up here as there is a lot of support for the box here.
I will regularly visit now and help out with anything I can share.

Please bear with this "Amiko" noob with the questions.

Thanks again.