Rogers turns to Argo for affiliate network revenue management
Michelle Clancy | 18-12-2012

Canadian pay-TV giant Rogers Media has selected Argo Systems' Medea application to manage its affiliate revenue operations for Sportsnet, Sportsnet ONE and The Shopping Channel.

Argo System's Medea allows Rogers Media to drive operational efficiencies by automating affiliate finance processes to ensure key contractual terms, subscriber data and revenue is being managed accurately.

"By implementing Medea, we have been able to make improvements to the affiliate management processes, reduce our revenue processing time and have better insights arising from reporting improvements," said Aivy Reinfelds, vice president of television development and distribution at Rogers Media. "We are now able to track and manage our affiliate revenue in a more efficient way, and manage revenue with greater insight and confidence."

Medea serves as a sub ledger for all billing, collections and financial management of subscriber fees, and brings key stakeholders together to manage distribution sales, launch channels with operators, ensure proper payment and provide critical management reporting for all network services.

"Rogers Media is a leader in the Canadian television industry," said Eric Levitan, COO of Argo Systems. "With Medea, pay and specialty networks are able to increase their operational efficiencies, unite contract terms with subscriber counts, and take advantage of the increased business intelligence that is available to them."